The trend in communications toward longer distances, higher bandwidths, and higher data rates has necessitated the use of Dispersion Slope Compensation Modules (DSCMs) also known as Dispersion Compensation Module (DCM).

DSCMs compensate for various types of chromatic dispersion accumulated throughout long-distance systems based on traditional direct modulation formats as well as systems using more advanced modulation such as PAM4. PAM4 doubles the number of bits in serial data transmissions by increasing the number of levels of pulse-amplitude modulation requiring wideband, low-loss modulation format independent dispersion compensation, without any power need.

OFS is a market leader in the design and manufacture of standard and custom DSCMs. Our fixed broadband, reconfigurable, and tunable colorless modules round out a product line that is well-suited for the major transmission fiber types.

Features of the OFS Dispersion Slope Compensation Modules include:

  • Very good dispersion slope matching
  • Low insertion loss
  • Low PMD

OFS DSCMs can be delivered in a very small form factor: i.e., on linecards. We also offer a reconfigurable DSCM which is suited for ROADM networks as well as for laboratory and test purposes.

Learn more about dispersion compensation and to request assistance in choosing the right module for your transmission system.

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